Charlie Falatea

January 17, 2023 by Martin0

Charlie Falatea (Executive Director)

Charlie is the devoted father of 8 kids, several who are star athletes and he will do all in his power to support them. He and his wife have a family motto: “If not for the kids, then why?” His 20 plus years of experience include longer stints in two intensive residential programs where he worked his way up from direct care positions to leadership roles and shorter stints where he helped turn around troubled programs. Charlie is known for his creative programming and recently launched a successful younger kid program that met their unique developmental needs along with his ongoing programming for adolescence Charlie does not work traditional administrative hours and is known for spending time in evenings, on weekends, and is often one of the first to know the names of every single client and every single staff member. Charlie has strong relationships with outside regulatory agencies and referral sources and has had roles in business development and admissions so he “gets” our kinds of clients and families. Charlie believes change should be systemic – meaning that a change affecting one department must be made with consideration and collaboration with all others. Charlie is especially about the kids and the staff and will never ask you to do what he is not willing to do himself – from tough behavioral issues, to maintenance to interacting with skeptics.

We are lucky to have found Mr. Falatea and invite you to join him as we go forward to make NGU a premier treatment program. Charlie’s initial areas of focus include:

Staff development and support refinement of therapeutic effectiveness, full program support of personal emotional, physical and social safety and becoming the standard in terms of deep care for ourselves as a team and of our clients.

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