Benjamin O’Steen

May 31, 2022 by Martin0

Benjamin O’Steen (Administrator)

Benjamin O’Steen has been involved in the human services for the past 16 years, specifically in the behavioral and mental health service industry. In 2006, he started his career in this field at a 220-bed residential boarding school for adolescents. He quickly moved up the ranks, working at several facility positions prior to landing the role of Director of Operations. During this time, Benjamin helped coordinate services with several community partners to facilitate the highest level of care for the population served.

Currently, Benjamin serves as the Administrator of the largest Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) in Nevada. As the facility Administrator, Benjamin manages the day-to-day experience of the clients, including but not limited to residential services, facility operations, food services, and academic coordination with the local school district.

Benjamin has the personal skills and mindset that make him an ideal candidate to serve in this role. His experience in public relations, hospitality, customer service, management, administration, logistics, and planning is an excellent pairing with his natural drive to facilitate and execute meaningful interactions and experiences for the population served at the facility.

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