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Obtain a referral from a community partner that includes a current psychiatric evaluation or psychiatric supporting documentation.


  1. Gather supporting information, if available:

o Psychological Assessment & Evaluation
o Placement History
o Latest 90 day reviews for providers:
o Treatment reports in the past 6 months (PHP, Individual Counseling/Therapy, Substance Abuse, Outpatient, etc…)
o Current medications
o Current CASII Assessment

2. Complete registration and application


  1. Complete screening/ intake admission forms
  2.  Obtain immunization records, birth certificate, Social Security card, copies of school transcripts or copy of grades

Complete Prior Authorization Referral (PAR), obtain MD signature, and submit for review


  1.  Upon PAR approval, coordinate intake and information transfer with NGU staff
  2. Transfer case management to on-site facility staff

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    The Never Give Up Youth Healing Center provides comprehensive behavioral residential treatment through a broad range of programs and interventions. The youth we serve emerge empowered to successfully reintegrate into their home, school, and community settings.

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